Monday 18 December 2017
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ClickMagick Review – A Guaranteed Profitable Next-Gen Click tracker, Rotator and link manager


Hi friends, are you a solo ad vendor and tired of low traffics? If yes, then the time has come for you to rejoice and look into this review. But please don’t believe me blindfolded, you can judge for yourself. Here I will tell you about ClickMagick a Next-Gen click tracker, rotator and link manager. You need a tracker when you are in paying advertising. However, you must have come across an umpteen number of trackers, but how different is this going to be? In this review below I will take you through all the features and advantages of the new ClickMagick.

What Are The Special Features?

Like any other tracking services out there ClickMagick too helps in tracking sales, up-sales, opt-ins, etc. by placing a conversion pixel. It comes bundled with some useful features for tracking like track conversions, add revenue, split testing, public stats, traffic quality, link alerts, clone link, edit link, delete links and reset stats. It can work everywhere that you possibly advertize online and easily track the entire sales funnel. With its intelligent rotators and split testing ability it can add retargeting ability to any URL.

  • Split Test: It also helps in doing split tests with different links. Placing the links in a rotator at 50-50 you can do a proper A-B split test. However a rotator can also be set so as to favor a particular URL.

  • GEO and Mobile Targeting: It also has commendable Geotargeting and mobile filtering ability. It automatically sends visitors to different pages according to their geographic locations. Also, it can differentiate mobile clicks to desktop clicks and send accordingly.

  • 24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring: It also monitors links and checks for fraud 24/7, thus sending valid traffic to the particular URL and not wasting money on links that are not working.

  • Money Layer Technologies: ClickMagick’s special Money Layer Technologies work a wonder in the tracking world. A special mention is required for the Magick Pops, Countdowns and Magick Bars.

  • With the help of Magick Pop one can add pop-ups to any website on the internet in an absolutely hassle free way. Now you can easily collect leads or promote etc. and help the traffic to opt-in to your list.

  • The MagickBar technology also helps in pulling traffic by adding a notification bar to any website. Thus getting visitors from any website to your own link.

  • Countdowns have also become a very popular opt-ins to get a huge number of traffic to your website, where the scarcity of time plays the trick.

  • Automatic Split Test Winner: Once set up it does the checking and with the help of the algorithm instantly notifies the statistically valid split test winner, thus easing the task completely.

  • Advanced Retargeting: This helps to increase the traffic and help boost sales by following the visitors all over the web, i.e. by adding a retargeting pixel to any website or tracking link.

  • Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis: This is one of the best feature as it watches all the traffic 24/7 and helps you to get a unique Traffic Quality Score to determine the traffic sources.

  • Content Locking: It is another feature where it forces a visitor to complete a job like sharing or opting in etc. in order to view the contents of the page.

  • Auto Traffic Bot Filtering: It helps users from all the scam URLs and helps generate faster profit by filtering out all the butt links and does not mess up the statistics.

  • Other commendable features of ClickMagick are its Dynamic Affiliate Links where it can send visitors wherever desired.

  • Last but not the least that has to be mentioned is its speed, reliability, effortlessness and ease to use, that makes it a very user- friendly and top the charts among the other click trackers.

Why Use ClickMagick?

Well, here the features are very alluring for all but to top it all is its pricing. ClickMagick is indeed available at a very dirt cheap price, hence making money with just a little investment is the best deal available. Also, it is very easy and user-friendly, hence it is the best option for all to change from the earlier trackers to this new generation tracker. It is for sure one of the best tracking tools for newbies and solo ads.

ClickMagick Review- Conclusion

However, having mentioned all its key features and advantages, I would like to end my review with one minor limitation of this software. Especially one doing CPA marketing will face the disadvantage of passing multiple tokens and parameters. Other than this, no other major hindrance is present for ClickMagick. With its One-on-One support and excellent speed and accuracy no one will be more able to turn away to any other tracker than ClickMagick. In fact the low priced tracker has a 14-day trial at no cost which can be utilized by all for a first-hand experience before buying. So hurry to get registered immediately and feel the difference in your traffic flow and real-time tracking.

Sign up ClickMagick from the link below.


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