Monday 18 December 2017
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Explaindio 2.0 Review – Create Attention-Grabbing Professional-Looking Marketing, Explainer & Training Videos in Just Minutes


Hey guys are you looking to boost your video marketing campaign to its next level through creating high-professional, attention grabbing marketing an explainer video? Then you have probably landed up in the very right place. Video marketing is currently the ongoing trend in the internet marketing industry as video converts much better than any other form of advertising.  A recent research was done in USA that states that creating good looking videos only dies not guarantee that you are going to fetch better conversion from your video. So, in order to make your video converts well for you, it should be more engaging and appealing to your target audience. It is for this reason many leading online marketers and product launchers are these days are focusing on making doodle motion and white board animation videos in order to attract the audience as well as to pass out their message through their video as well.

Now the thing is that if you need to create such a professional video then you need to hire any qualified video creator and editor but that will surely going to dig a bog hole out of your pocket. Therefore, as a solution to all these stuff the eminent marketer Joel Young has come up with his latest innovation called Explaindio 2.0. A stunning video maker software that was launched last year in 2014 is back again with his upgrade version 2.0 back by exciting new features and benefits. It helps you in creating highly-professional, attention grabbing, marketing and training videos all within minutes. So let us see through this Explaindo 2.0 how it is going to help you. 

What is Explaindio 2.0?

Explaindo 2.0 is next generation video creating software that help you in making all those attention grabbing, stunning looking, marketing, training, Doodle, Green Screen and Doodle Video all within minutes. It is based on the foundation of features that its earlier version creators used to love and this include Green Screen, Doodle, Character animation, White Board animation and HD motion videos. Back by brand new dashboard and more users’ friendly features this version 2.0 comes with lots of exciting new features.

People Who Will Get Benefited By Using Explaindio 2.0

  • Online Marketers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Video Consultants
  • Trainers & Educators
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product Launchers

Top Features of Explaindio 2.0

  • Create Fully Animated Moving Motion Objects – You can make multi-step sprite like moving animation of any objects, including video, animation, image, and doodle.
  • Font Import & International Characters – You can import any TTF font in any language. Draw or animate text with any characters.
  • Sketch to animation – Sketch the first frame of the animation and then make a smooth transition to animation.
  • Sketch To Video – One can create high-quality sketch videos from your new Explaindo 2.0. Well, here first you need to frame the video and then make the amazing transitional effect to live video.
  • Filled Line Text Drawing- Well with this new Explaindo you can draw beautifully looking text characters with solid lines.
  • Dynamic Zoom- You can easily set multiple zoom in & out actions for video, animation, image, and doodle sketch image.
  • Green Screen Videos – Create “green screen” video and replace any color with animation, live video, doodle sketch or image.

Explaindio 2.0 Conclusion

Well, before we wrap up this review we would like say only one thing is that if you are looking forward to boost up your video marketing campaign then Explaindo video making software is your ideal option. With so many useful and additional brand new features the version 2.0 of Explaindo is an indeed a real asset for you. What’s more! It comes with 60 days complete money back guarantee which means if after using the software for 60 days you feel that it has failed to meet up to your expectation then you will get all your money back to you. Apart from that this premier video making software comes with an early bird offer price of just $47. So without wasting time just grab your copy now and start experiencing the difference.

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