Monday 18 December 2017
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Got BackUp Review- Back UP All Your PC Files On The Cloud & Earn A Passive Income Online As the 100 % Referral Commission


Do you have any online backup of each of files from your PC or Laptop? If not yet, then it’s high time you put all your files in a secure backup in the cloud as a precaution of protecting all your files from getting affected from computer viruses and hackers. Well, in this regard, you may say that you already stored all your files on your pen drive or any external hard disk, but what if you lose your pen drive or your external hard disk got crashed somehow? . This is undoubtedly a million dollar question that may force you to think seriously on this issue. Well, if this is so they just relax as here in this review we have come up with a premier software called ‘Got Backup’ which is the easiest way to backup all your files on both on Mac and PC. Not only it helps you to backup all your files, but also provides you an ample opportunity to make a passive monthly income in the form of 100% referral commissions! . So let us see how this going to work for you.

What is Got Backup?

It is a premier software for getting backup for all your files in a hassle free manner. You can store and save all unlimited files starting from photos, music, emails, videos and any documents you have on your PC or laptop. Well, here the best part of this software is that it helps you in accessing files from anywhere that you can simply login to your see all your views from any web browser from any parts of the globe. Unlike any other software Got Backup will automatically backup all your files from the background silently on the cloud while you are using your computer without you need to do anything.

Top Features of Got Backup

  • Comes with Unlimited Storage: – It automatically backs up all your files, whether it is any music files, document, videos, emails anything you have on your PC.

  • Access Files From Anywhere: – Another stunning feature that you get from Got BackUp is that you can easily operate and use all your files from any parts of the globe.Well, what you need to do is just login to your account and start accessing all your files from the cloud.

  • 100% Automation: - It automatically backup all your files silently in the background while you are working on your PC or laptop. Say you save any word document after finishing writing anything then this software will automatically create a backup of your saved files.

  • Faster Transfer: - Well, here the file transfer speed or bandwidth is not limited as the data centers of Got Backup comes with super fast connectivity that lets you transfer files rapidly without any hassle.

  • Secure Backup: – All your online files are being encrypted with the military grade encryption in order to provide you the ultimate security to all your files in its cloud network.

  • Windows & Mac Compatibility: – Well, here the main USP of Got Backup is that it runs smoothly both on Mac as well on Windows.

  • Comes With Mobile Apps: – You can easily access your cloud on the mobile site of the software as it has apps for both iPhones, iPad, Android, Windows 8, and on Chrome OS. Thus, you can access all your files from your smartphone and iPad as well.

  • Available at Affordable Price: - Well, the last nor the least this software is available at a very affordable price.

Earn Passive Income With Got Backup

Well, with Got Backup you can not only backup all your files, but can make a passive recurring monthly income that gives you a profitable home based business opportunity online straight from the comfort of your home. It works like this say you make Sara and Portia join Got Backup as your direct referral Frontline say you earn $ 500 and both Sara and Portia earns $300 each. So you are earning will be the 100% of all your direct referrals that is your own $500 + $300+$300 (100% of both Portia & Sara) = $1100 commissions on first month. On other hand say Sara make John as her direct referrals and Portia make Mark as her direct referrals and now both Mark and John earn $100 each. So what happens is Sara will get additional 100% commission of her direct referral John’s earnings that is $100 & so same for Portia also that is additional $100 from her direct referral Mark. So now both Portia & Sara earning becomes $ (500+100) = $600 each. Now what you get is that you get 50% commissions on all your direct referrals subscriptions that is her in our example is Portia & Sara. So now your earnings will be 1st months $1100 + $300+$300 =$ 1700 and therefore you just rock!. So the main game is that the more you keep gaining direct referrals and in case if you even don’t earn anything of your own you can still earn 50% of your direct referrals’ earnings from the second month onwards. Therefore, you have nothing to lose if all your direct referral members keep earning money.

Got Backup Review- Conclusions

Well, before wrapping up our review, we want to mention here that Got Backup is undoubtedly an incredible online home business opportunity that not only save all your files on cloud security but also provides you an ample opportunity to earn good bucks online. Currently it is available at an early bird discount price of $7.99 monthly whereas in the first seven days you just need to pay $1 and then after seven days onwards if you want to continue then $7.99 monthly for single computer. Whereas if you take the family plan then you need to pay just $12 for five computers access. However, if you take the backup and share plan, then you just need to pay $11 for one computer or device. So what you are waiting for? Just choose your plan and be a founder member today before the price started picking up further. 

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